Impacts of economic and health factors on tempo effect of human poverty index in Africa from the perspective of MDG’s: African miracle

Nader Motie Haghshenas, Population Studies and Research Center in Asia and the Pacific
Sarieh Heidari, Payam Nour University
Arezou Sayadi, Regional Center for Population Research and Studies in Asia and the Pacific

In recent years,absolute poverty in Africa has shown some slight falls, African income levels have actually been dropping relative to the rest of the world. Many countries in Africa are now showing some real signs of progress towards better governance. The African Union has established the voluntary self-monitoring Africa Peer Review Mechanism for states to conform to agreed political, economic and corporate governance values.The paper is designed to answer the main question what are the common economic and health determinants of reduction of Human Poverty Index in Africa continent? Data are mostly taken from the World Bank (WDI) for 2010, Human Development Report HDR),annual report of the UNDP for 2010. Provincial results show that we can see positive signs of reduction of HPI,and it is implied that we going to meet MDG’s Goal 1 on Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.Also,it involves evaluating possible solutions and policies into consideration.

Presented in Poster Session 2