Reliability in wife’s reporting of husband's age in India: Empirical evidence from a large scale survey (WITHDRAWN)

Kumudini Das, Pillai's College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Navi Mumbai
Kailash Chandra Das, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)
Tarun Kumar Roy, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)
Pradeep Kumar Tripathy, Utkal University

Age is one of the most basic and important information collected in almost all demographic and health surveys. Most of the demographic researches on fertility, reproductive health and contraception focus on females of particular age group who are in their reproductive period. Important demographic indicators like fertility, contraception and mortality are estimated on the basis of reporting of the female respondents. This particular study is makes an attempt in exploring the degree of matching and mismatching in reporting of the age of the husbands by the wives in India. The present study analyses the concordance and discordance of the reporting of the husband's age as reported by the wife and by the husband himself by using a nationally representative sample size of 42185 couples. It is found that in India about 58 percent cases, there is mismatch in reporting of husband's age as reported by the wife and the husband.

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Presented in Session 124: Emerging conceptual and methodological issues