Regional disparity and youth migration in India

Soumi Mukherjee, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

Youth migration has its immense importance as a development parameter. Young people of age 15-24 years constitute 35% of India’s total population (2001 census) which represents India’s future in the socio-economic and political realms. The EAG (Empowered Action Group) states plays a vital role in youth migration and are undergoing faster economic and social change to reduce the regional disparity. The study has three objectives: To study spatial patterns of youth migration in India focusing on EAG states and to understand the characteristics of youth migration. To establish the linkages between youth migration and development. This study is based on 2001 census data D- series, and age group is 15-24 years and development variables from various reports of Planning Commission, Central Statistical Organization and CMIE reports. Regional disparity in development influences flow of inter-state youth migration streams. The youths mostly migrate from the EAG states to other more developed states.

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Presented in Poster Session 3