Worst forms of child labour: the psychosocial study of children scavenging in the waste dump site of Addis Ababa

Eshetu Genemo

The general objective of this study was to identify and describe the psychosocial situation of children scavenging on the main waste dumpsite of Addis Ababa. It also identified the main reasons for children involvement in scavenging, their social experience, problems, psychological status, and viewed their situation with in light of the Country’s legislation.The study used qualitative research method. The findings indicated that economic problem, unstable home environment, peer pressure and the presence of the dumpsite in the locality were found to be the major reasons that forced these children into scavenging. Moreover these children experienced work related injuries, health problems, verbal and sexual abuse, social exclusion and discrimination. The finding also indicated that these children had experienced social relationship difficulty, negative public perception and reaction. Based on the above findings some recommendations were given in order to reduce the problem and improve the wellbeing of scavenging children.

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