What are the major factors heightening the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Uganda

Vivienne Najjemba
Richard Musabe
Viola Nampeera, Traditional and Modern Health Practitioners Together Against AIDS and Other Diseases (THETA)

With the outbreak of the HIV scourge in Uganda in the early 80s, AIDS has had its turn on numerous individuals in Uganda. While so many studies have examined the effect of HIV/AIDS on the population, very few studies have analyzed the major factors heightening the HIV prevalence rate in Uganda, which among others include complacency and poverty. Basing on the primary data collected, the results revealed that, respondent (who were mainly youths) were more afraid of pregnancy other than contracting HIV/AIDS (73%). Results also showed that, 59% of the respondents were highly prone to contracting HIV/AIDS due to poverty. The results also go ahead to show that more females engage in risky sexual behaviour compared to males.Results therefore emphasize need for heightening the campaign on Behavioural change communication especially among the youths, and by so doing, this will help to eventually halt the mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS.

Presented in Poster Session 2