The migration of sub-Saharan skilled workers to Scotland. Brain waste or an economic opportunity?

Simon W. Mburu, Kenyatta University

There has been increased immigration of Sub-Saharans to United Kingdom. This paper analyzes the experiences of migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa in Scotland. It uses specific primary data from research carried out in Scotland. Secondary data comes from various countries. The paper suggests that Sub-Saharan Africans migrate to United Kingdom and Scotland specifically for economic reasons at micro level. They are usually highly skilled most of them educated to degree level and a large number of them train in higher educational institutions in United Kingdom. Not many migrants could be defined as experiencing brain waste. As secondary data suggests Nigerians, Kenyans and Zimbabweans are among the nationals who have settled in large numbers. The migrants feel that their stay in Scotland is not permanent and the British government should enact policies that are more inclusive so that they can be absorbed in the sectors they are trained in.

Presented in Session 46: Consequences of international migration