Population growth and resource based conflict in Oban Hills, Nigeria

Paul N. Isiugo, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Emeka Obioha, National University of Lesotho

Evidence has shown that rapid growth in human population exerts pressure on the natural resources base of communities. Furthermore, scarcity of resources in rural communities often engenders contestations and conflicts among different stakeholders. Data derived from 20 in-depth interviews and 10 key informant interviews conducted on a purposive selected sample of community members and staff of the CRNP indicate that the establishment of the Cross Rivers National Park in by Acts Nos. 36 and 46 of 1991 and 46 of 1999 respectively has negatively affected the livelihood capacity of the people by reducing the proportion of land available for farming, placed restrictions on poaching within the conserved area and harvesting of protected wildlife species in the buffer zone. The result is conflicts between members of communities and staff of the CRNP which has led to destruction of property, injuries and death.

Presented in Poster Session 2