Perceptions on female bicycle use and infertility among some Ghanaian communities

Regina Obilie Amoako-Sakyi, University of Cape Coast
Samuel Asiedu Owusu, University of Cape Coast

In some African societies, women and girls are saddled with several responsibilities both at home and on the farm. The utilitarian use of bicycles has therefore considerable reduced their mobility constrains and lessen the burden of work on these women. However, perceptions on female bicycle use in some cultures do not promote the utilitarian use of bicycles by females. In this study we assessed the perception on female bicycle use and fertility in different communities in Ghana. Using questionnaire and key informant interviews we sampled a total 1005 children between 8 and 18 years and investigated their cycling behaviour. The results revealed that 20% females do not ride bicycle because of fear of becoming infertile as a result of cycling. Consequently only 1.9% females were found to use bicycles on daily basis in the study area.

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