Strategies necessary to assist HIV positive women (PLWHA) experiencing domestic violence in Abia State of Nigeria

Ezinne Enwereji, Abia State University

Studies to reduce violence on people living positively with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) scarcely involve them when planning interventions. Study used participatory reservation approach (PRA) to develop interventions to reduce violence with PLWHA. Total sample of 96 PLWHA in network of PLWHA participated in the study. These were PLWHA who have publicly declared their sero-status and are also members of the network. PLWHA in network was used so as to get enough sample for study because PLWHA are reluctant to disclose their sero-status in the society. Data collection instruments were focus group discussion and questionnaire. The questions were semi-structured and were both administered, and self-administered. Data were analyzed with simple percentages. Finding showed that 65(67.7%) of PLWHA experienced violence after disclosing their sero-status. Majority of PLWHA 54 (56.3%) suggested organizing role-play in public places like markets, and others. Based on findings, enlightenment seminars and/or workshops on risks of domestic violence are needed.

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