Study of some determinants of behaviors of health of children from 0 to 35 months in Cameroon and poverty

Audrey Francklin Sielenou Tema, MINEPAT

Cameroon crossed between the end of 1980 and Nineties an economic recession caused by the fall of the world market in prices. This crisis had direct negative effect on health. This study focused on the relation between standard of living of households and the health of children between 0 to 35 months in Cameroun. The major data source was from ECAMII. To achieve our goal, the methodology selected shall be to use logistic model. The results suggest that principal determinants of the health of the children of the age bracket studied are: the living of the households; level education of the parents; geographical localization of the households; Community factors. The paper finally recommends the adoption of behavior favorable to health. It will also be necessary to seek to mitigate the insufficiencies of the health system with the provision of quality care of the populations in general and poorest in particular.

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Presented in Poster Session 4