Burden of abortion and post-abortion care costs: risks faced by low income households in Burkina Faso

G Patrick Christian Ilboudo, Agence de Formation, de Recherche et d'Expertise en Santé pour l'Afrique (AFRICSanté)

RATIONALE: Few studies have reported the cost to household of abortion and post-abortion care in Ouagadougou OBJECTIVE: To assess the costs burden to households of abortion and post-abortion care. METHOD: From 18 April to 25 April 2011, we conducted 38 interviews following the perspective of the household with women who had either a spontaneous or an induced abortion in Ouagadougou. We estimated average costs of spontaneous and induced abortion. RESULTS: Preliminary results show that mean age of women was 29.07 (19 – 42). Average cost of abortion/post-abortion care to household was US$ 108 (US$1=XOF450). Mean expense to household for treating a spontaneous abortion was US$ 105 against the double ie US$ 213 for induced abortion services and post-abortion care in case of complications. CONCLUSION: Abortion and post-abortion constitute a huge drain of household fragile economy. Actions are needed to address this issue and especially reduce resort to illegal abortion services.

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Presented in Session 127: Costs and demand for abortion