Generic Intervention along with targeted Intervention for prevention HIV among general population- learning from Home base HIV prevention program in Maharashtra (MSACS) INDIA

Rajesh Nainakwal, WeConcern Research Training and Development Organisation
Manisha Nainakwal, Ministry of Health and Family welfare, New Delhi

Decline in brothel base sex workers and clients at brothels and increase in home base sex work is observed in Maharashtra. MSACS (Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society) is implementing HIV prevention program for Home Based Sex Workers. Home base sex workers and their clients are at risk due to acceptance and higher reach of client from all segment of society. They work part time, full time, with other jobs and paid more than brothel workers. Clients perceive them less risky as they operate within community through networking and referrals Correct and consistence condom usage is challenge as it is difficult to reach, follow up for condom negotiation skills, capacity building and support programs. Clients perceive less threat of HIV among them, does not look like sex workers, higher acceptance at family and community. There is need to adopt generic intervention along with TI for prevention of HIV among general population.

Presented in Poster Session 1