Higher usage of Emergency Contraceptive Pills as method of induced abortion- Study conducted in Mumbai with hundred working women, house wives college girls using snowball techniques

Rajesh Nainakwal, WeConcern Research Training and Development Organisation
Manisha Nainakwal, Ministry of Health and Family welfare, New Delhi

Study revealed married couples in 25 to 35 age group started using as advertised on TV by manufacturers after unsafe sex, but during regular course of time they started using it as abortive pills, most of the married couple used after missing their monthly period, without knowing the reason, excessive dosage used. Average six times couples has used these pills for abortion, some have reported throughout the year. Women, girls and their partners used as alternative to condom just to avoid pregnancy without knowing side affects proper usage. For counter check few chemist shopkeepers were interviewed that revealed that sale of ECP have surpassed the sale of oral contraceptives and condom, as men and young boys are regular visitors. There is need for government to intervene with awareness and education programs by the manufactures to control future reproductive and sexual health problems among couples and youth in reproductive age group

Presented in Poster Session 4