Nexus between religion and birth choice of women in Ondo-State, Nigeria

Mary Obiyan, Obafemi Awolowo University

Reproductive health services among other things include safe pregnancy and delivery care, which is dependent on the use of ante natal and post natal care services as well as preferred birth choice of women. This study aimed at knowing the role religion play in women’s preference for a birth choice,while exploring different birth choices available, their preferences and its contribution towards maternal mortality. Data for this study will be collected through both quantitative (open- ended questionnaires) and qualitative (focus group discussion) methods. Analysis of data will be done on the open ended questions after assigning codes to each question, while the qualitative data will be analysed through coding the parameters of research objectives using Grounded Theory Techniques developed by Strauss & Corbin 1998. Findings from this study will serve as platform for more involvement of religious leaders in enlightening their followers to imbibe good maternal health behaviour.

Presented in Poster Session 3