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Session 26:
Population, food production, and water resources

Tuesday, December 6
2:15 PM - 4:00 PM
Samandin 2
Complexe Ouaga 2000

Chair: Samuel Codjoe
Discussant: Delali B.K. Dovie, University of Ghana

  1. Household access to water and willingness to pay in South Africa: evidence from the 2007 General Household SurveyJulious Ngum Kimbung, University of the Western Cape

  2. A pragmatic approach of assessing access to an improved drinking-water source: empirical evidence from a Tanzanian household surveyAyoub S. Ayoub, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

  3. Accessing water for domestic use: the challenges faced in the Ga West Municipality, GhanaYvonne Adjakloe, University of Cape Coast

  4. Environmental and population problems surrounding the management of Lake Chad and solutions suggested in a sustainable development perspectiveFranklin Bouba Djourdebbé, Université de Montréal; Semingar Ngaryamngaye, Université de Montréal

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